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Shipping costs are calculated automatically when ordering and vary depending on the item. All shipments travel by courier. Cash on delivery is not carried out. All shipments can be insured at the time of purchase. Uninsured shipments, in case of loss and / or damage to the package, cannot under any circumstances be refunded.


Shipping costs are customized for each product and mentioned in each product sheet. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

In case of purchase of 2 or more products the cost of shipping is equal to the average of the costs charged to each of the products.

Example: Product A - shipping cost & euro; 30 | Product B - shipping cost & euro; 50. The cost paid by the customer as shipping cost amounts to & euro; 40.

Checking the package

When you receive the package from the courier it is advisable to check:
a) That the package is intact, not damaged or wet and in any case conforms to the standard characteristics of a package;
b) That the number of packages (number of packages) indicated on the transport documents corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered;
c) Any disputes (visible at the time of delivery), signature with RESERVE OF INSPECTION damaged package must be immediately raised to the carrier and put in writing on the delivery documents. we will be able to open refund procedures.
d) Even in the presence of intact packaging, it is strongly recommended to always sign subject to verification of control and quality. Otherwise, in the event of disputes, it will be very problematic or quite impossible to open a refund procedure.



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